Shapr3D 2.0 - beta testers wanted!


Many of you know that we have been working on the 2.0 for a while. This is the main reason why we didn’t add new features in the last 2 months. But the 2.0 is just around the corner, and it will be amazing! We fixed hundreds (!) of bugs, completely redesigned the workflow, and improved many many things.

Some of the highlights:

  • 2d constraints! Creating 2d sketches have never been easier. This will make your life much simpler - creating and modifying sketches is now super simple. An incomplete list of constraints you can use: length, distance, angle, parallel lines, equal length lines, point on curve, concetric circles, etc.
  • with constraints we introduced sketch dimensioning indeed :slight_smile:
  • improved sketching on faces! Now you can sketch on faces just like you do it on the grid. You are not limited to sketch on a single face, you can sketch on any plane and face, and your sketches and sketch fillings with interact with the appropriate shapes. Yay! This, and the constraints will make it super easy to position your geometry on faces.
  • improved arc/line recognition when drawing
  • no more pressure :wink: One of the weakest points of our UX was the “press and drag” mechanism for extrusion and filleting. Now you can still do that, but extrusion and filleting will work even without pressing the pencil. Hurray!
  • automatic sketch groups: now your sketches will be automatically separated to sketch groups.
  • performance improvements! Since you guys are making unexpectedly HUGE models in Shapr, improving performance was one of the most important goals of the 2.0. This means that now even very complex models will be rendered with 60FPS, and even when your workspace is huge, Shapr will run smoothly on your iPad Pro.
  • visual improvements
  • lots and lots of general improvements, like improved sketch filling calculation, fixed sweeping algorithm, etc.
  • a redesigned architecture, that will allow us to rapidly scale the feature set of Shapr3D. In practice, this means that after the 2.0 release you can expect new features and updates every 2 weeks.

And many many more improvements under the hood, but those are boring technical details :slight_smile: .
So now we are looking for BETA TESTERS! Many of you are already on the list, but if you would like to participate in testing the beta, then just comment here “Count me in!” and I will send you the TestFlight invite next week. The expected launch date of the beta is next Monday/Tuesday!

Note: beta testing is for the brave hearted only. We will send you untested, unreliable builds, that can be really annoying to use, can crash, can lead to data loss, etc. BE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR DATA USING ITUNES!


And now I fixed the forum permissions, so you can actually comment :slight_smile:


Is there a benefit for beta testesters beside helpibg the project? :wink:


During the beta period we will let you access for the pro features of course, even if you have not subscribed.


Count me in! (p.s. I was a Mac OS developer for 25 years).


Count me in


I would like to also take a stab at the beta testing


Yes please. Looking forward to trying out the new features.


Beta testing…Count me in.


Count me in again. Anxious to try out the sketching improvements.




Wow, you’ve aged…wait, maybe that picture isn’t you. :grin:


Yes, count me in too, please!


Count me in!!! I’d like to be beta tester Istvan!!!


Count me in :sunglasses: for the beta test.


count me in



I’m in for the beta test! Thanks!


These features are awesome. Looking forward.


Good news! Beta is out! You should have received instructions in email how to install it! Woohoo! :champagne::champagne::champagne::champagne::champagne::champagne::champagne::champagne:


Installed the beta. Looks promising.
I think I liked the sketches to be the mustard yellow, not the dark blue. It distinguishes the sketch from the groups more easily.