New Bug in 5.192 - Unable to Extrude

I’ve had a brilliant experience with Shapr3D over the past year or so. However, I’m really beginning to lose patience with the past couple updates.

I’ve experienced the .9999 problem, which necessitates redrawing shapes multiple times until the program places the anchor point correctly, and is yet to be solved, with no timeline aside from “soon”. I’ve experienced the problem with being able to type in a dimension until after the shape has been finalized, which appears to be fixed in 5.192.

I was very, very reluctant to upgrade from 5.190 to 5.192, given the issues I had going to 5.180, and then 5.190, but I thought it was worth a try. Couldn’t have a problem fixed and replaced with another one, surely.

Now, I’m unable to extrude. Certain areas of shapes show up clear instead of blue. I have never had this happen before. You can go in and delete a line and redraw it, then different areas show up available to extrude, while other areas are now gone. The prior issues I found workarounds for, but this is completely unusable. These are simple shapes being placed, and lines being drawn in to separate them and create compound shapes.

Please pardon my frustration, it’s nothing personal. I love the program, I want it to work, and I want to continue recommending it to everyone I can, but my faith is running low right now. If it were still in beta, or I was using it merely as a hobbyist, or not paying a monthly subscription for it, I could have a little more patience. As it is though, I’m finding myself unable to rely on it to do my work accurately, efficiently, and effectively. Please help! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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I’m sorry to hear about your experience, we should definitely do better than this. Have you already opened a support ticket for this problem?

I have not, but I’m happy to do so. :grinning:

In the past it’s seemed a bit like a duplication of efforts. I have been asked to either post in the forum, or through a support ticket, but not both. Before I ever posted, I saw bugs being reported here, so I figured it was acceptable to do so. Apologies. There is a help forum, a support ticket system, and a support email, so I wasn’t sure exactly where to go. :sweat_smile:

The reason I’ve leaned toward posting here first is because it shares the issue with the entire user base, so we can collectively see what others are dealing with, better identify whether it’s a legitimate bug or just operator error (something I’ve been guilty of many times myself :sweat_smile:) and collect more useful information from other users all in one central spot.

It seems that posting in the forums also tends to elicit a more expeditious response. The issue is out in the open, and it seems there’s a bit more of an impetus to directly address it, instead of what sometimes feels like a support tech assigning it a priority and adding it to a pile. That is just my perception based on what I’ve experienced, so please do not take it personally.

I know there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, but believe me, I (and I think all users) want and need bugs fixed before new features. That’s not to say bugs aren’t being fixed, but the frequency (and impact) of them as of late, along with the perceived lack of a sense of urgency, and the vague communication has led one to wonder what’s getting the most attention right now.

What really bugs me is that there are no clear expectations being set, and no follow-up. Case in point, the communication experience I’ve had on the .9999 bug from the support tech I’ve been emailing with has left me completely in the dark on that. As a result, I’ve missed two project deadlines in the past week because of the added work drawing, double-checking, deleting, and redrawing lines to ensure dimensional accuracy, redrawing shapes to get rid of vertical lines on extrusions, and not being able to type in dimensions. And now I can’t extrude anything. :rofl:

Better communication on things like this that are materially impacting the usability of the program (and the livelihood of the people who use this to produce an income) are really, really important.

Thank you!

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I’m very sorry to hear that. We always prioritize bug fixes over new features when they are workflow blockers. I’ve forwarded this thread to the support team, they’ll follow up.