Folders icon image should show the first image inside the folder

Folders are a very cool new feature added to Shapr3D. It will be much easier to keep everything organized. So thanks again, Shapr people.

The problem is that the folder icons don’t show what’s inside. So we end up with an interface full of indistinguishable white folder images to navigate. A quick way to find things is to look for the file image, but Shapr3d folders, the way they’re implemented now, make that impossible.

Although the folders are a great addition, they came with a single white default icon, which makes it difficult to locate original files via image/icon of the project.

My suggestion is that the folders icon show the first image in the series that is inside the folder as the main icon, along with some other iconographic visual indication that it is a set of files and not a single file.

This feature alone will allow you to find files more quickly, maintain the original appearance of the interface, and allow the image that the user chooses to be the folder’s faceplate.

Folders in Procreate, as an example, looks like a pile of images, and the top image is always the first one on the folder. Same with apple photos or instagram saved collections.

My second suggestion is that, when you put your apple pencil over the image/folder icon and scroll, that the icon show a serie of images of whatever files are inside that folder. So you do not even need to open the folder to see everything that is inside. Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

My third suggestion is that there is an easy and quick way to remove something from a folder, in case you change your mind.

Hoping for the best. Let us pray.

Best regards, M


Thanks for the suggestions!

However, in some cases, having the thumbnails of projects inside a folder is not desirable. Let’s say you are with a customer, presenting a design, you move to your folders, and one shows another customer’s project. It may even be under NDA, or a competitor. Or, let’s say at some point you won’t have access to the actual projects inside a folder, but would you still see their images?

Not saying it’s impossible to go that route, it’s just not as straightforward is it sounds at first. It needs a deeper investigation / understanding if it’s really the best way forward.

To move / remove projects from the folder, the treeview should help a lot, give it a shot! :slight_smile:

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This may be solved if you could upload your own thumbnail. So in default settings a collection (as Mauricio suggested) is shown, but if necessary its possible to change (or hide) the Thumbnail.



Great suggestions!
Maybe creating a thumbnail could be an export option from Visualization.

Hello, Laci_K.

Images and icons (of files and folders) that are custom created and easily altered are as old as macs. So it not rocket science to know that is probably more easy to have that option than to not have that option.
If Sahpr3D only allow us to do all the organization in a “non content aware” mode, is in the end a reduction to file names (words, not images) organization. If all the icons are the same, let’s get back to spreadsheets and only use words to deal with the files.

But not take the files out of the folders easily, that is just a simple and flat mistake.

In the tree view, at least in an Ipad pro, the structure do not show files, only folders. So it seems, unless there as trick hidden somewhere, once you put a file in a folder, is there forever, either being a collection of files or just one file.

About the example, I’ve being doing design for the best part of the last 30 years and my clients never saw my files inside the software that those files were made.

But that is just plain and regular user feedback. Best regards, M

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You can drag and drop files between the grid and the tree. So open the folder on the left side to see the files on the grid, then drag them to any folder in the treeview.

Lets say I have just one folder with two files/projects. All other files/projects are still outside any folders, and I can see all my files and that one folder in grid view. As soon as I click the folder, the main grid show only the folder content.

One of the two projects I want out of that one particular folder, back again in the main grid view with all my other projects.

I do not want to take that to another folder, I just want to put it back in the main grid view, outside any folders, just back in main view grid (root folder) How should I do that?

You can do that fast and easy in softwares that cost much less, like Procreate.
Without the need of any tree view or interface structure. But if you need the structure, ok, fine. But where are the root folder, the main list of files/project outside any newly created folder?

Either columns view/icon view/list view/gallery view, tree view, I should be able to see in context until the base unit/parameter (the files/projects), and up to the folders structure. But that includes access to move things in and out the main folder, the one that Shapr3d created automatically to start showing the files.

Is there a way to do that, now, in this interface?

Thanks, M

You can drag to the “root” folder, the “Projects” itself, this is the fastest way.

You can also start to drag the file, navigate back tot he root, and release the drag there.

You can also open the context menu on the file, select copy, then move to the root folder, and choose “Move to” option from the context menu again.

So there are multiple ways / options to reach the desired outcome, it all comes down to what you prefer in the end.

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Haven’t read these but when I see a folder(bodies) that contains items the eye might be OPEN but once I open the folder I might see that some items are not visible. Crossed.
Why at all would the folder indicate visibility but inside an item is NOT? Makes no sense!

Folders on the Projects page, and Folders inside the modeling space (Items panel) are different, and this topic is about the one on the Projects page. Though they are technically similar, they have different goals.

In the modeling space Items panel, you can set the visibility of a whole folder, or any item that’s inside it. If you set it to Hidden, every item in the folder gets hidden. Since there is no in-between state, if there are visible items in the folder, the folder’s state is “visible”.

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