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I currently pay the annual subscription. So with the new rate they say it has new features. I’ve been a member going on almost 3 years and yet to see a significant features where you can expand your models ideals. You cant even model figures/human bodies or characters yet. For a price hike I would expect more robust features and or additions. Even most of the Shapr3d YouTube videos tutorials are models/designs you would not 3d print or design for sell etc. I feel Shapr3D needs to implement PC Design software features. ie: Blender, Fusion,
SketchUp and Autodesk. I feel the best feature Shapr has is Stl Import and edit.

Hi @Mindofharris59 , we are releasing new versions every two weeks with new features. In the last 3 years we released hundreds of new features and improvements. Shapr3D is a CAD system, not a 3D graphics system, and character design and graphics in general is not our focus. Shapr3D is designed for manufacturing. If you have an active subscription, the price increase does not affect you.


I do have an active Sub, But I cringe when I see a price hike and reflect back on what has been added. So would you say the app/software is design only for manufacturing and not the average joe with expanding and unique ideals? I actually final gave in and bought the annual subscription (May 2022) thinking future features would be implement in a variety of designs feature for those with a multitude of ideals. The recent features seem to be more bug related and or bells and whistles.


I understand that the recent developments are not the features you want to see in Shapr3D. While we have a long tail of different use cases, our focus is design for manufacturing.

Great to hear that you have an active subscription. That means that you are not impacted by the price increase.

If someone has an active subscription but wanted to change to yearly billing, would they be able to do that under the previous pricing model or do they get defacto converted to the new yearly price?

The price increase does not effect me, however I would gladly pay more for the value I receive. I have always hand drawn my designs for manufacture, along with not having any background in CAD I was quite surprised at the learning curve with Shapr3D……. In less than 2 weeks I was drawing assemblies along with files for manufacture. So shortened learning curve, new features every few weeks (allowing learning as features are added), and after looking at workflows with other CAD programs it was a no brainer…………Also, what you are doing as a business model is first rate, and looks to be working for Shapr3D……….
Before Shapr3D

After Shapr3D

Final product



That’s awesome! You should frame the hand drawn image, because the fact that you could build something so complex from a sketch is amazing.

I also have an active subscription and have been using Shapr3d practically since it’s first release.

The tool has gone from revolutionary and inched it’s way towards run-of-the-mill-CAD software with every new release. And the most disappointing part is you’re doing it via workflow changes that fundamentally change how awesome Shapr3D was to begin with.

Shapr3D allowed for a lot more exploration in 3D. I could quickly get any idea out of my head (which was a big marketing point of yours at one point) before going through the tedious process of making it work on paper.

Now you’ve taken a lot of these revolutionary workflow changes that made Shapr3D great (i.e. drawing directly on 3D objects) and started adopting patterns from status quo CAD applications. From mind blowing Apple Pencil interactions to Mouse and Keyboard first UX. A regression to mean.

Every workflow change that forces me into 2D first is frustrating. At this point Shapr2D is a more appropriate name. I realize business goals (expanding user base, directly competing with F360, etc) and a need to expand beyond the iPad is driving this change. But now you’re starting to become this middle-of-the-road tool where I can’t get ideas quickly out of my head and I can’t do a lot of the features in traditional CAD apps. So I’m finding myself resorting more to paper or traditional applications.

As someone who has drafted on paper and computer through the 80s and 90s…CAD UXe patterns in use today were created as direct replacements for paper and pencil in the 1970s and 80s. They are extremely outdated. The behemoths are afraid to change because they do not want to change workflows on an Industry that wants the norm. Someone needed to disrupt them. Make CAD more accessible. Shapr3D was on that path…no more though.

Just thought I’d chime in.

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Hi ARC, can you give a specific example? What is it that you think now works worse compared to years ago? We didn’t really remove features, only added new ones.

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I’m not sure what you mean by active subscription. I have an “active” subscription which is still active until 30th June 2023. But if I go to renew it’s £299, not what it was before at £214 I think, but it’s an £80 or so increase. What’s the justification for the increase?

You have 2 tears, pro and business….are they not the same thing?

I love this app but I’m a hobbiest, I make no money from my 3d prints, have no intention of making money from my hobby. I understand you are a business that has to make money but I’m afraid you’ve probably just prices yourselves out of a lots of customers budget.

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Hi @TheFettsRevenge, unfortunately on the forum we can’t give further information regarding your billing details. For questions related to your subscription details please contact our team.

Ok lets try this again, as I was the one who titled and started the post.(previous was removed) Can the you or there Shapr3D Staff] point me the some posts where bodies/figures or autos were designed? So I can get an ideal of the NEW features (and price increase)and what can be create with them?

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You can find detailed release information in the release notes, that are posted here on the forum, and also available in the App Store if you download Shapr3D from there. In the last 3 years we released more than one hundred updates, each contain many improvements and new features. Regarding your other question, Shapr3D is not a 3D graphics application, thus not suitable for character design.

Got it, Thanks

Hey Mindofharris59…I have some great experience in this area. All of the floats for the Shanghai Disneyland parade were conceptualized in AutoCAD and then moved to 3dsMax and Zbrush for the character-fication of them. I know this because I took the artists sketches and converted them into 3D objects in AutoCAD for 75% of the floats, then the artistic types pushed and pulled them, made them more organic, and we had them 3D printed.

I don’t think the goal of Shapr3D is to ever support characters and human forms, but I could be speaking out of turn. They seem to be heading in the direction of a more user friendly Fusion/Inventor/Solidworks. That being said, you can do some great conceptualization with basic shapes and some simple organic objects in Shapr3D, and then use software like Blender to breathe even more organic life into them using mesh/polygon based modeling.

When I get home tonight, I’ll see if I have any before and after images of what our workflow was for the floats.


Sounds good, I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Every single model I’ve designed was for 3D printing. That is actually my exclusive reason to own Shapr3D. Most designs were for personal use, but I have sold some as well.

It seems like you are very focused on organic forms as you’ve mentioned characters many times. CAD software in general (not just Shapr3D) is not well suited for that purpose. If I were you, I’d look into Blender.

Lastly my impression is the team here has added tons of features in the time I’ve been a subscriber, so I do not share your opinion there.