New releases 3.32/3.33 - Drag'n'drop multiple items, Select hidden edges, Revamped Extrude tool

We’ve released 3.32 and 3.33 over the last few days.

You can read more about the new releases on their own support page (3.32,3.33)

Drag’n’drop multiple items in the Items Panel

Select hidden edges
Turn on “Show hidden edges” in appearances to be able to select edges from any angle

Revamped Extrude tool
Use the arrows to set the draft angle and height of extrusion


The Revamped Extrude Tool is not working for me.
This is a ScreenShot from your Video:

Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 13.5.57

This is a similar ScreenShot taken at a similar Time Point on my iPad:

The latter lacking the horizontal Double Arrows.

The S3D version in use is 03.33.0 (17279) #9eb1f85a , there are nil updates available at this time beyond this.

The following is mentioned in case it is relevant.
Since the last update, running S3D, the iPad has. suffered an inordinate number of Crashes.
Most of these have been uploaded, at least on one occasion S3D reported that no File could be found to Upload.
The latest crash occurred when attempting to Post onto the Forum direct from within S3D, I had just pulled down the ‘@’ with the intention of selecting the Members Name.
Many of the crashes have occurred when opening S3D, e.g., Hitting the S3D Icon pn the Home Screen or Hitting Design at the bottom of the first page or other administration switches to Forum/Manual/etc.

Hello @Gelphyn - we are looking into this. Thanks for the note.

Please go to the Extrude tool to see the rotate arrows. You can only do drafted extrudes with the help of entering the tool itself.

No need to look any further, thank you Daniel.
I rarely use Extrude, to extrude and of course just did what I usually do pull up on a Sketch to create a body.
Would be great to get the Terminology sorted.

I meant for the crashes :slight_smile: We’ll try to fix it with the next release (any extra info will help us find the bug)

Yes, next time I’ll put “Tool” in brackets to be clear

IIRC the last Crash about 2 hours ago was when I was attempting to modify a Spline.
As soon as the Pencil touched the iPad - Crash.

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