Extrude tool stuck on ‘new body’ option

Hi, I’m new to shapr3D and up until the middle of yesterday I was able to use the extrude tool just fine to make holes like it was shown in the tutorials. Then something strange happened and the app suddenly stopped guessing that I wanted to use subtract snd instead seems to have locked itself into the new body option instead. Every time I try and click to switch it from new body to subtract to stays stuck on the new body option. I have no idea why it’s doing this.

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Hi @Pau Welcome to the forum.
I hope you have been able to resolve your problem.

If stumbling across something of this type I have found that Powering Off the iPad and after 20 seconds or so Restart it.
If you are experiencing problems after a restart shout for help again.

Same issue?

@Robert and @Pau

This is being written up for the benefit of the Community, it may be of use with your problem

A Circle has been placed on the side of a Cube ready to use Tools > Extrude

When Clicking on the Circle [or anything else needed to create an Extrusion] the Small Icon, shown after the Dimension, always includes a ‘Blue’ Colour but does not necessarily reflect the Option choice. See the second ScreenShot:

Clicking on that Icon pops up a Label Displaying the Options:

EDIT: Close up of the available Options:

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