New subtract work flow

With the updated (recently) subtract workflow, when the ‘leave original objects’ slider is selected, the subtracted object remains (as desired) but the element being subtracted ‘from’ duplicates - so there is a copy on top of the newly subtracted object. I like the new workload=flow, but looks like a bug in the ‘keep objects’ side of the workflow. The old workflow would keep the ‘subtractor’ object and remove its volume from the the ‘subtractee’ object without leaving the original subtractee in place.

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I have had the same problem, I have had to make a duplicate object and place it a prescribed distance from the original and put it in a new folder. I do hope that the ‘leave original object buttons’ will be reinstated back in to the work flow.
Hope this helps, Skip .

Hi, thanks for the feedback. This is the intended behavior when “Keep Original” is toggled on.
The original model stays in place with the result subtracted body within.

You can simply double click on the original bodies and move them to see the resulting subtracted body.

That is the way it used to work…I’m stating that the result changed when the new UI mode was injected. Now the original object remains in ADDITION to the edited version which has the other objects volume removed.

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I am seeing this as well, both objects are duplicated. I am also seeing strange things like objects turning invisible or purple while subtracting.

I created a video to help understand the new ‘different’ behavior of the subtract function.

Here is link to video:


Hi Jim, thanks for sending the video and the feedback.

We have noted this and I have also shared your feedback with our product team.

You’re welcome - great product and I want to help keep it so!

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Thanks for the fix…works much better now!

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