Subtract and replace feature

Would like an option for the subtract Boolean such that when an object is subtracted it can ‘replace’ the subtracted area with the subtractor object. Example: I have a wall and I want to segment a section of it in the middle and replace it with a new segment of a certain length…while there are many ways to do this, the subtract Boolean would be the easiest. In the same sequence as being able to keep the subtractor, an option for replace would be nice. Remove the area but keep the original subtractor.

Thanks… great app!


There is a „keep Original“ Switch in the Upper left corner while selecting the subtractor object. Isn‘t that what you are looking for?

I didn’t ask it quite properly…it is when subtracting while extruding that I want to subtract and then create a new body while subtracting…not starting in the subtract Boolean wit an already created shape. A combo subtract/new body option. Also in that mode… the intersection option doesn’t seem very useful?

I created a tutorial showing what I Mean

Oh I See. Yes, that would be nice.
As a work around, you could probably extrude/cut the shape into the base object and then extrude the shape again to fill the new gap with a new object. However, implementing a „cut AND create object“ option seems to be a great idea.

Yes that’s what I do (and highlighted in video)… just seems like a workflow speed up feature that I find myself doing a lot for a condo I’m designing

Agreed. That wouldn’t be a bad feature to add in.


Had a similar play on a test model, obviously this is a work around but could easily be one function.

“cut and keep intersection” ?