Subtract Tool suggestion

I am pleased with the ongoing improvements being made to this great app, however I do have an issue with the new Subtract Tool.

It used to be that you had the option of keeping the subtracted entity (only). Now, if you want to keep that entity, the tool also duplicates the body that you are subtracting from. To see and work with the newly subtracted body, you have either delete or hide the original un-subtracted version.

It would be nice to have the options of keeping either (-)Body or (+)Body, or both. Here is a photoshopped screen grab of what I am suggesting.

Thanks, Mike


Hi Mike, thanks for the feedback on the new subtract workflow, it’s greatly appreciated.

We have received similar feedback and this also has been shared with the product team. The team will look into this to see how best to refactor the workflow.

i’d have to second Mikes suggestion.
i pretty much always want to keep the the object that is the “remove object” and obviously want the new “ removed from” but don’t think I’ve ever wanted the old remove from original. End up having to manually remove it. So i’d be happier if the default was to save the original “remove using object” and the new “remove from object” and only have the old “ remove from object” kept by specific command to do so.

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