New version horked!

Installed latest version when I fired up Shapr3D today. Now, if I go to sketch and select a sketch option (eg. circle), the sketch menu disappears and goes back to the Sketch|Add|Transform|Tool menu but the sketch item is active. I need to quit Shapr3D or all I can do is produce circles.


Wow, that’s unexpected. Can you share a screen recording? is a great screen recording tool if you don’t have one yet.

I really don’t have time to futz with screen recording. How can I get back to prior version?

Hey @VAXman, please tell us the following details:

  • the version of Shapr3D you installed
  • the detailed hardware specs of the machine you are using
  • your chosen input method (mouse & keyboard, or touch input)

There is no regular way to downgrade the version of Shapr3D, but we are happy to fix the problem. Please let us know the details above, it would help a lot. If you’d have 5 minutes for a screen recording, that would be perfect.