New version Shapr3D-

Hi there,

  • I downloaded the new version of Shapr3D and I noticed this morning that the UNION tool has disappeared. How can I do the same job ?

  • In the window “designs on your mac”, where two designs are allowed, I could delete a design and continue training. This seems no longer possible…

Thank you


Can you please send us a screenshot/screen recording of the missing Union tool? It was untouched during the update.
If you use the selection-based toolbar, there may be some modeling elements (a sketch for example) that are also selected. If there are elements in the selection the boolean cannot be applied to, the Union will not be shown.

Please also send a screen recording about the second point, it works fine on my side after right clicking (tapping with two fingers) on it.

If any of the recordings that I’ve asked for contains personal data that you do not wish to share on the forum, please feel free to send them in a support ticket via:

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your prompt response again, in fact, everything has returned to normal (as before).
Forget my question