Newbie question, can the app directly print a single 1X image of a face of a design?

Hello, I found Shapr3D yesterday AM and used it most of the day on a project, and am staggered at how perfect it is for my needs. But there is one thing it needs to do (and might do) that I can’t figure out.

In my job I often design PCBs and mounting hardware for our products. Shapr3D looks to be excellent for sketching ideas on the fly and having them close to manufacturing release grade. However I often have to make by hand simple metal brackets, and it works well to print a 1X plot and use this as a drill template. Is there any way to print a flat face of a design (with or without dimensions) in Shapr3D directly to a printer?

It took me about 2 hours yesterday to design 3 parts in Shapr3D from the minute I downloaded the app (14 day trial version), but I have spent another 4 hours trying everything I can think of to output the flat to a printer. The DXF output to AutoCad 2020 LT does not work properly (not all items are displayed) after multiple tries, and I am not only frustrated but out of time.

If any of you could suggest a method where I can print a 2D flat side of a 3D design directly to a printer 1X from Shapr3D, I would be greatly appreciative. And it would seal the deal on my subscription to Shapr3D. Thanks to all.

Not sure if this is what you mean/need, but what I would try is this

  1. create a solid of the size of the face you need (or larger)
  2. move the solid so it intersects 1mm or so with the the face of the 3d model you created
  3. use the substrat tool and only keep the intersection
  4. extrude the object to the thickness needed
  5. export and print

Of course you should export and save your initial 3D model beforehand

Thanks miklare for the help, I tagged the issue as resolved as the problem was found in that I made an embarrassing rookie mistake; I had deleted my sketches but expected the solids to remain. I am now able to export and import the sketches into my seat of AutoCad LT, and successfully print from there. It would still be very helpful to be able to print 1X directly from Shapr3D however. Thanks!

Very kind and glad you found a solution.

This might also be helpful to create the sketch you need from the face of a solid (if I correctly understand your commen)

Of course this is not needed anymore to create 2d drawings, as that function was added to Shapr3d a month ago. But if you need a sketch…

However, there might be users here that even know a way to print 1x directly from Shapr3d!?