Print-outs with dimensions?

UPDATE: drawings are finally here: 4.0 - 2D drawings + new pricing

Hi there,
I use this Tool just a few days now and I am really impressed so far!
What I miss is the possibillity to make a normal Print-out on a standard Printer with dimensions on it.
Today everything would Been printed on a 3D printer I guess, but for me it would be very helpful to give People a piece of paper in their hand.

Are there any ways to do so?

Regards XJO


I could not agree more! I design furniture and love this app! However I love to have the ability to display dimensions on the drawing to send to my furniture maker as well as the style number brand name and copyright symbol…
It would really be great to be able to do that with this app.



We agree. Documentation export with dimensioning is a really needed feature. It’s in the research phase. It needs a lot of work to implement.


Hey Zoli and Acrheossian,

thanks for you reply,
Perfect would be a 3 side sketch with dimensions (top, front, side) as it is the standard in “the good old way” of technical sketches :wink:
That is always the best way for everything what is produced in small handmade productions.
I am familiar with these and a lot of company’s I work with are asking for this if I give them order to build something for me.
I guess this would make your great app more interesting for a lot of company’s too, as still many smaller company’s are working with these kind of drawings.
I am wondering if it would be a big work for you to create this function as all dimensions are already available in the Programm when we create 3D objects.

Looking forward in your solution for.

Regards XJO

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i agree. I would be very confortable if technical drawings could be created direcly from shapr3d. Now i have to export a step file to fusion on a desktop and then create the drawings there . They have created very good software for this , but it costs extra steps and a desktop . Which I would like to avoid .

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Hi guys I would like to add that a integratet point element or symbol adopting coordinats should be inside the programm to be accessed. Welding points for sheet metall constructions can be many, some should be even be abled to be imported by EXEL- lists av coordinates och alternatively as symbolshapes, this would be really useful for sheet metal…

Count me in as requesting displayable/printable measurements.

Glad to read your working on it. How can we know the status of feature development, by the way? Do you make that stuff available. Thanks!

I am wondering if this feature (extracting technical drawings from models ) is anywhere near completion. I would really like to make shapr3d into my main software . This option would really help me and I am sure others to make the step.

The current solution for this is to project the edges to a plane and export as DXF. A full-blown technical drawing module has no ETA yet, but it is among our mid-term goals

That is not enough because it doesnt support dimensions for the entire 3dimensional drawing . I use fusion360 for this at the moment. They have a great engine, but I always have to export the step or iges files and in this process I loose my entire folder organisation . Sometimes I work with many hundreds of objects which I then first have to reorganize. At that point I feel it makes more sense to use fusion360 as my main software, which is a pity because I enjoy shapr a great deal.

Sorry to hear - yes, we understand the current limitations

Thank you for the information. I am Just trying to push it , because I believe this software has great potential. I really want and I am trying to use it in my daily workflow, but it is missing some essential features for it to be great.

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This is definitely a priority for us. :slight_smile:


Any progress on this as I have a need now to be able to print my projects.

Yes, it’s in progress, in the implementation phase. With little luck, we will release it this year.

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Hello Team,

Just checking to see if there was an update on this feature. I’m at a stage in my development where this would be exceptionally useful. My current workflow is a pain having to export and import to another tool to make this happen. This would solidify my process/workflow for using Shapr3d as my tool of choice (not just for mobile drawing, but at the desk as well). I currently run other apps via PC.

Thanks for any info you can provide!

Thanks Istvan!

I would gladly be a beta tester for you and team. Just say the word and/or reach out to me via my email address registered with my Shapr3D account.

Ditto all the others… desperate for a printout with all dimensions including ability to only select those needed (out of all possible). Nice, but not particular if it’s on perceived view(s), 2-D views, spreadsheets with sketch/folder/item labels. Right now, I print it out and then by hand go back and write dimensions in before taking it to my hobby workshop to build. Biggest problem, I have to essentially start all over if I have to change even one dimension as I build. Since I can get any one, two, etc., dimensions it’s clear they are in the data base/set. From my perspective, and what I’m reading from many here… we will accept a mediocre Beta opportunity while you work on finalizing a version. I too would gladly Beta test although it appears there are no shortage of volunteers. I would think it could be relatively simple to produce a spreadsheet-type printout now, even a year ago. Even if ugly, it would be valuable. Can you also update us with the current DRAFT, “maybe”, “don’t even count on this” timeline for development, Beta, v 1.0? I’m trying to balance my subscription to you v., buying a competing product. Love yours… but I can’t blindly wait… I can wait if I have a sense of your hopes/plans/even if you make me sign a document saying I can’t count on it. Help us out please! cheers, Jim.


UPDATE: drawings are finally here: 4.0 - 2D drawings + new pricing