Newbie to Shapr and Cad

I tried the free version but because my trial ended before I could really explore I upgraded to pro before I realized that you can’t just import STLs. I have been wanting to learn to model and this looked pretty intuitive but as I am getting into it there is a larger learning curve than I thought. I don’t know if there is an absolute step by step for newbies to cad design or not for shapr but if there is please point me to the way. The trial and error isn’t working. I did not think I was a person who needs hand holding but I’m lost in some areas. Any suggestions on some fast tracking would be invaluable. Thank you in advance.

How many hours of effort did you put into the Free version? Time studying manual and videos? Time actually using?

I think that designing something that really interests you is a good way to go in that it will keep your interest. On the flip side, your project may be pushing the limits and cause frustration. This happened to me but I overcame it by working on other projects and the capabilities of the app and myself improved.


The best tip I found was to get your design into 3D ASAP and not beat yourself up sketching.



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Thank you for your reply. Not as much time that I normally put into something new that’s for sure as I find myself with several things that need designing or redesign so have been in a time ranch, and you are correct because o that I find myself getting frustrated a lot easier. Ty for the reminder there are just some steps in learning some things you can’t skip and the basics are a major cause they affect everything up the line.

Hi Cindy, you hit it on the head. I bought the pro version and an iPad Pro right out of the gate when Shaper was just getting started because I understood the importance of at least a little cash flow early on and I will almost certainly renew because it is evolving rapidly into something powerful. Speaking for myself, but imaging there are others with zero 3D background, I’ve given up a dozen times I’m sure and am hoping for the very same thing you are. If someone were to create a properly structured absolute beginners roadmap with video/video links to existing videos and (key) setup exercises we could use on split screen for example, and commit to keeping it up to date within reason.I’d be the first guy on this forum to send my hundred bucks. I have a big investment in the 12.9" iPad after all that was bought only for Shapr3d. Interestingly, the thing that drives me mad the most is the short Help videos that would be perfect to help me along mid-project during my learning efforts but I can’t imagine how anyone (even fast kids) could hope to follow the speed the pencil moves - I invariably quit every time I try them and yes I’m sure there are folks that can handle it but not me. And I do realize, having spend many years designing adult/corporate trying programs, that it’s likely most of the market for Shapr3d is people who already have 3d experience so I’m at the point where, because my project island has to be my top priority there’s a good chance I’m going to have to cut a deal with someone to do it for me at this time and that is no bad reflection on what Shapr3d and their people are doing. It’s just that I think their focus is likely on switching 3D users over to a new, exciting app. True, newbies may have to wait until the change/growth curve becomes less steep. Sorry for the epistle! :slight_smile:

I’m only 3 weeks in (new) to Shapr3D; the community on the forum is the best support I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty green with CAD as well, but I have a strong background in fabrication & loose idea-sketches to create signature one-off pieces & prototypes. I basically need to shore up my digital skills to become an asset in the industry.

Because of the turnaround response-time to questions, issues, etc, and the fact I run exclusively on a 2018 iPad Pro, I’m going to jump into the yearly subscription once I run through all the educational material. There’s 3 apps I currently am auditing: Shapr3D, uMake, and Morpholio. They all have some unique tailoring & features, but right now I’m super compelled with the precision/detailed aspects of Shapr3D. And the support is top notch.


I loved your reply and you said it all way better than I did. I think I will take a break from the paid version until it does get more newbie friendly as I don’t have the time right now and I have a couple of suppport groups ready and willing to sit down and work with me with fusion. 360 so I’m going to try that for now as my help is a phone call or chat away. I do really want to use this though because I love how intuitive it does seem and with more experience it will make more sense. :0

Thanks for replying I do appreciate it, I am moving to fusion 360 for a little bit because I have immediate help but. I will tap into Shapr3D again once my son is working again and I have the time to actually play a bit :slight_smile:

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