Looking for Tutoring Help

I am looking for someone I can pay to help me with a few tutoring lessons for Shapr3D (online lessons). I have looked on some tutoring forums but could not find any tutors. Does anyone have any suggestions or know how to help with this. I know there are a lot of videos but just feel I would do better to have a tutor to help answer specific questions, etc. and work on a few specific projects with me so that I can really learn Shapr3D.


Did you learned the basics of Shapr3D?

Anita, have you watched the tutorials included on the learning page of the app, and the Shapr3D YouTube page? There are so many training videos to learn from. I believe this is why no one is doing tutoring, as they would keep referring you to this video, or that video. If you need some guidance on where to find these tutorials, Iā€™m willing to have an online session (free) to help you navigate these excellent training videos.

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Are you a visual learner? Or do you learn easier with written information?We all learn in different ways.

Do the tutorials. If you have problems, first search the forum, then post a question. Help is almost always here and quick to reply.

Some of the tutorials are a bit dated and some functions have changed but they are still there in one form or another.

The key to Shapr3d is sketches. Start here: Tutorials - 2D Sketches | Shapr3D

Then move on to basic modeling: Tutorials - Modeling Basics | Shapr3D

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HI, I am a designer for furniture and home decor products so definitely more visual. I started on the app months ago but then kind of got lost in things and now started up again. I started to watch the Udemy course which is the same as one I saw on Shapr 3D before. So my thinking to get a tutor was to just see what I can do, but it sounds like the best thing I need to do is go over the courses again and work through them. I am going to o try to start to work on it at least some minutes each day and to see where it takes me. I actually need this a lot for our design work and I believe this is a great app for furniture and home decor design.

I really appreciate all your thoughts and help on this.

Yes I have watched many but gotten a bit lost on YouTube I wanted to see a video that just really spoke about all the basics. I had a bit issue with some of the set up in that I tried to draw on a screen and it was not drawing on the screen. I did not think I was off of my drawing area but it seems like it as it could not draw a thing on the screen

That is what I am working on now to really master the basics.

Hi, Anita. Did you ever find a tutor? Seeking one ASAP. Thanks!

One of the best things you can do it use search terms in this forum. Some of the best tutorials are from the peanut gallery here. :sweat_smile:

There are a number of great contributors here, some with different approaches to the same problem.

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Honestly, I am just looking for somebody who can hop on a zoom call for an hour or two to teach me the fundamentals.