Newest update!

Congratulations on the latest parametric beta and the accompanying updates!

I’ve been a Shapr3D user since around 2016, and I must say that with each update, your team has consistently delivered fantastic enhancements and innovative features to this software. The multiple engineering friends I have are now also Shapr3D enthusiasts due to its user-friendly approach, allowing them to efficiently create designs even in time-sensitive situations. Your company and team’s efforts have truly been outstanding. Please continue to maintain this level of excellence with your ongoing updates.

(For those who might find the new UI and setup a bit unfamiliar at first, I wholeheartedly agree. Initially, I also found it a bit cumbersome, but as I’ve used it more extensively, I’ve come to appreciate its intuitiveness and find it becomes increasingly user-friendly over time.)


Thank you @Devvon . We really appreciate your support, and I’m glad that you like the latest improvements.

I’m really enjoying the beta, particularly being able to snap to face. When will you focus on performance on Mac? It chugs a bit on M2 Pro with brief pauses during camera moves?

Thanks for the innovation?

Hey @HarrisonDavies, it would help us a lot in investigating the issue if you could provide a workspace privately at

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