Beta version of parametric, crashing

After having Shapr3d for a few years now, I seriously started to try out the beta version. Did one tutorial on the bracket, had the system crash a few times on that, but got it to work in the main at the end. I then decided to start a few simple shapes of my own, rectangles and circles, extrude them, then go back on the history and try and put a break in on the sketch element to change a diameter or move a circle and it just crashes.
I cannot understand this, this is very basic drawing, I cannot see what I am doing wrong, and I am now hesitant to try this more, as with constant failures you do not get very far.
I am working on an iPad
Looking for help and suggestions or is there a bug

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Sounds like the iPad is not as strong as I thought. There will be lot of calculations happening in the backend when you change the diameter by giving a break. And it might be little too much for the iPad to process. I haven’t experienced this issues in Windows though. My guess is it’s probably a system performance limitation.

Most likely it’s not a performance limitation. Please open a support ticket, we’ll look into the issue.

Hi Istvan
I would like to thank you and your team, especially Zsofia, who worked with me to resolve the issue. Not being the best at ‘IT’ type issues clear instructions were sent through to me.
It sounds crazy but I was pleased to find out that it was ‘glitch’ on Shapr3d, as usually it is me doing things incorrectly, or other issues. However it was identified that a new version was required, even at that point I could not get the update to load. Well I went away for a few hours, came back to my iPad to find that there was an upgrade to Test Flight and the upgrade version to Beta Shapr3d, a few clicks and all was ready for me to test the features.
Well now I have a huge learning curve to find how I can best use the new features, but already I can see that this will be a game changer, so looking forward to using this more and more.