Not sure why some lines are appearing in my 2d drawings


first time using the app in at least 8 months, and wow it has become so much more intuitive to me, so thank you for all your hard work.

i’m running into an issue creating a building plan (2d drawing) that i could really use some help on as my building dept wont accept it as-is because of this issue.

the issue is that there are some lines in the concrete footer that are appearing and i dont know why they are there. hopefully this is me just missing something obvious, but i’ve searched for hours an am not able to find it.

attached are screenshots showing the section profile of the building and you can see in the right post (the tallest one) it looks like the post continues into the concrete footer. the regular (not 2d drawing) view in shapr3d does not have any object there, as shown in the other screenshots.

a slightly different issue, on the middle post , it looks like the slab is overlapping the footer. again, in the regular view this does not look to be the case.

the shortest post footing is how i would expect the 2d drawing to be based on what i’m seeing in the regular view.

i have attached the shapr3d file so you can also see what i’m seeing .

if anyone can help me on this i would really appreciate it as i;m trying to get these plans to the building dept as soon as possible.

thanks for reading this far and thanks for your help!

solar shed 37x21 5mar23.shapr (752.1 KB)

this is the shapr3d file

Hi Larry!

The first issue happens because there are some square holes in the perimeter foundation part where the post goes. Please check the attached video.


The second issue happens because the slab and perimeter foundation parts are overlapping. Please check this video as well.
Hopefully it helps for you to fix your drawing!


thank you so much!!!