Object opacity?

is there a way to lower a shapes opacity temporarily so that it would aid in aligning other objects behind or user other objects

You can set Opacity under Tools / Color. With the slider on on the right hand side.

See this page for more info:

thanks for such fast feedback. i keep seeing there will be a major update to the app soon. when will that arrive? sounds cool

is the opacity only with pro version?

The major update was released in December 2017, about 1 month ago (Shapr3D 3.0).

Saving Colors is a paid feature, yes. But you can try it out for free.

where is this feature in the latest version?
I can’t find it.

I am using an image plane for reference to model a gun.
I can change the opacity from the image reference, within the items tab.

But I can’t find a way to change the opacity of the body, mesh, geometry.
Which is crucial, I need to see through the object while modeling.

I just started, so I am a total noob and I am using the free trial.

thx for any help on this,
appreciate it!


You can either use “Show hidden edges” option in the View menu, or set the material’s opacity in Visualization.

I am using a trial, it doesn’t seem to work.
It would be great, if you can have also an opacity feature in the trial, it’s hard to test when working from images planes. I can’t see through my mesh.

Where is the “Show hidden egdges” option?
A screenshot would be very helpful!

thx a bunch

Hi Ben,
Upper right hand corner.

Thank you, Bob, but the Show Hidden Edges feature will not allow me to see through the mesh. Especially when working from Image References, I do need to see through.

see screenshot below, Hidden Edges are turned on:

I believe you can only control the opacity via Visualization. Which is not available in the Free version. Makes it hard to test. I think it would be best if there would be also an opacity option in the items tab (layer) that allows you to control the body opacity, similar to what you can do with an image.

materials opacity is not working in the free version, right? a bit of a bummer when using the free version. Would be great to have an opacity control of the body, similar to what you can do with the image reference.