Show Hidden Edges of Hollow bodies

Hi There, When creating holes in bodies, show hidden edges does not show the right lines of the hole, just start and end in both surfaces. Check the screenshot below. Appreciate your help.

As far as I know, there are no lines of the hole the way you want. If I want to view or work with internal geometry, I make the body semi transparent. Now you can see the lines you are after.

When you create a drawing and turn on hidden lines, you will get what you want.

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If Í´m not mistaken “the hidden lines features” are there so you can select them and edit them (fillet, champher, move, rotate etc etc) . Therefor it doesńt make sense to show the hole lines.


How I can make transfarent model in shapr3d.

Use the Color tool to select a color and within that use the opacity slider. The Color tool may not be available in the free version of Shapr3D.

I have premium version. How to do this

There is a slider in the color tool that you can use to change the opacity. How do I add color to my 3D bodies? – Shapr3D Help Desk