Object or Body Horizontal Alignment Across Another Body

Good day -
Is it possible to horizontally align a number of objects or bodies across another body?

I have a seven coaxial connectors which I would like to place equidistant on the panel. Is there an easier way than doing all the math and making constriction lines?
Panel with connectors.shapr (23.2 MB)

This software has made my ability to design project related items an easier task. Can design much more rapidly. Keep improving the application.

Thanks in advance.


If you have single body objects, then you can do as follows:

draw a horizontal line, click on an edge on the body, click on the line and then use the tools Align.

This is quite fast, but doesn’t currently work for assemblies such as your connectors. However, the feature has been widely requested and will be implemented in the next big patch (pretty sure I saw Shapr3D ceo mention that a couple of days ago in a post).

As of now, the fastest way is probably to select one of the connectors, then use the translate tool. This tool works with assemblies. Then you simply copy the connector and move it horizontally.

There is no way to get equidistant assemblies in one step as of now. There are however some ways to line up sketches by drawing lines between them and then select all lines and then use the “equal” tool.

Hope that helps!