Align bodys with offset / angle to each other

Hey all.
I am trying the parametric history version on the iPad to have an offline workflow and for single objects its great. However I would like to also use it to build assemblies as I do mostly mechanism designs, and there I can not seem to find the how, or the alignment options between bodies seem very limited?

As an example, lets imagine two cubes. I want now to possibilities for a constrain:
-constrain face a of cube A with face a of cube B, but with an offset of lets say, 20mm; andor
-constrain face a of cube a to an angle in relation to face a of cube B, lets say 45°.

Only option I find is coincidence of the two faces/planes. Yes, I could do a very messy workaround with the grid and hard sketches, but then my whole design becomes just static in one position, and I want it to be flexible so that I can try out various positions of the mechanisms by just changing constrain parameters, to visualize movement, interference between bodies etc.

How can I do this?

Hi @Sacharon , we don’t have a dedicated assembly functionality currently. It’s on our roadmap, but I can’t give a delivery date yet. If your assemblies are simpler, you can use the Align and Move/Rotate tools to accurately position parts.

Hello @Istvan,
thank you for the reply. I will cancel my test subscription then for now and will check again in a year or so. Great progress you are all doing on the development though, its already a different product then two years ago, looking forward to it :slight_smile: Is there a public general roadmap visible somewhere?

We don’t share our roadmap publicly.