Object Rotation

The problem that this feature will solve:
Right now it looks like you keep changing how the rotation of the object works in the workspace. so now you cannot use the mouse to move the object around. Your latest fix to use the little upper right object box to move the object now does not work. Can we get the original rotation feature using the holding down of the mouse wheel to rotate the object. Can work on an object if you can’t precisely move it around. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it applies except now it’s broken and you keep making it worse.

I’m not aware of any changes in navigation. Can you share a screen recording of the issue?

It sounds like your navigation presets might have changed. This happened to me and I’ve seen it happen to a few others (not sure what the cause is).

Try going into settings, scroll down and press the Navigation Presets button and then make sure that Shapr3D Default is selected.

(Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s worth a try :slight_smile: )

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