One finger navigation, odd behaviour

New here and not sure if I’m doing something wrong.

Rotating the model with a single finger works as expected from the standard view. However, if I change to, say, Left or I double click on a face (that is not parallel with the ‘bottom’) then any subsequent single finger rotation does odd and uninstictive rotation. For example, rotating the model in the opposite direction to finger movement or rotating model around an axis at 90deg to finger movement.

Really difficult to describe so hope what I describe makes some sense.

It makes it almost impossible to rotate the model how I want without double clicking the oriention cube top right every time.


In this video, Justin shows how the different finger commands work as navigation:

Thanks Daniel. Justin’s video is exactly as I experiment when starting with the ‘standard’ view.

However, where I goes funny is if I change to, say, the Left view and then use the same single finger action to navigate, the model rotates in a different, uninstictive way.

So say I’ve drawn a cube, I then double click one of the faces so it rotates to face square on to the screen, I then draw a rectangle on that face and then try to rotate the view to the left so I can extrude the rectangle, it doesn’t rotate as expected. Moving my finger up and down the model does rotate up and down but moving left and right the model spins about an axis coming out of the screen, not left and right with my finger.

As I mentioned before it’s difficult to describe.

Ok. Been playing around a bit more.

My confusion comes from the changing rotation axis following a changed grid orientation (after picking the Left view for example or double clicking a face).

As an Architect the main model Z axis is always vertical relative to a building and so left-right ‘orbiting’ always rotates about that vertical axis. ‘Alining’ a face to the screen in SketchUp doesn’t change the main Z axis orientation and so the rotation action remains constant.

I now see that in Shapr3d I’m not just orienting a face to the screen but also altering the axis about which the left-right orbiting (finger movement) is acting.

I can overcome this by resetting the grid to the XY plane each time but might there be some logic in being able to control the ‘automatic’ behaviour of the rotation axis so it doesn’t necessarily have to change with a grid change but by request if needed to work on a particular component. I haven’t thought this through at all so there may be many reasons not to do this.

Thanks for your help and for listening.


This issue is from 2018? Wow, I’m just trying the app and I can still see this problem.
If I’m using a side view, for example left view and then I try to move the camera with my finger as always, now the grid is stuck at that axis, and the camera moves in a funny way.
I’m forced to double tap the orientation cube to reset the grid and the view, but this will zoom out the scene and show me everything!
Every time I’m working on details on my model with a close zoom and I double tap the cube, the zoom reset too and I have to zoom in again, Sometimes I have to do this like 10 times in 1 minute and it’s driving me crazy!

There is a workaround for this? Am I missing something?
I tried to search on the settings, but nothing related to this.


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Have you tried enabling two finger rotation under the cam settings (top right corner, next to the cube)? Some people find it more natural.

I found the 2 finger option to work fine compared to the one finger one.

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Hello Istvan nice to meet you.
Yes I have it enabled, this way I can fix the camera, but the grid it’s still locked and the rotation is weird. I will try to upload a short video.

Hi @Jotagenova, when you activate the side view (or any of the views via the orientation cube), the position of the grid is changed permanently regarding your selection. If you tap on the Views icon and select the X Y Plane for grid position, you will get back to the default rotation direction

Is this what you were missing?

As a new user I cannot upload videos, so here I uploaded to my Dropbox account, this is the link.

First I show you how I just want to move the camera after creating a sketch, to extrude it, or to do anything, and the camera acts very weird (I have to use two fingers to fix the rotation, and zoom out to see where am I)

And at the end of the video I show you that after double pressing the cube, the camera is functional again.

I’m not a pro 3D modeler, I’m just starting, but I’m just using my logic.
Maybe this is how other 3D apps works, or maybe this is how desktop apps works, I don’t know this is my first 3D app ever.
But I am a tablet heavy user, I’m using touch devices all day and for graphic design apps, I’m just using my logic and telling you how is expected to work for the kind of user like me.

Maybe this behavior can be deactivated with a toggle button?

Yes, but with this method you are doing 3 “clicks” instead of “none” and just dragging the camera.
It’s very frustrating. In a lapse of a few minutes maybe you did 400 “clicks” instead of 100. Or 4000 instead of 1000!

And this is not the only case I feel that this apps requires too much clicks.
For example, if I select a shape and choose to scale it, then if I want to move it I need to click on the with background and then choose again the shape, and use the move tool.

Maybe I’m using it very wrong, but I watched most of the tutorials, and I think this is the way the app is designed, there is no “back” button to go and choose another tool.

Examples like this I have a lot.