Oblique cone

I need to draw an oblique cone while keeping the base is circle as it should be but it did not work

Here’s a quick way.

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Thanks a lot teacher Tiger
If you can help me find another way because I am working on cone sections
So I need more accurate way especially with the head and axis of the cones

The Loft tool might be better, if you need more accuracy.


Here’s a more accurate method. Height is 10.01mm, bottom is 5mm radius. Angle to make oblique is 15°. Height of 7.5mm is arbritrary to get the 2.0096mm offset from the 15° angle.

Note: there is an anomaly if I make the sketch height 10mm and try to extend the truncated cone to 10mm. Some sort of internal math error. 10.01mm initial sketch height works when I extend to the physical 10mm height. Hope this helps.

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Thank you very much teacher
You save my time👍