Offset by precise distance

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So, I have a cube and I’d like to cut out a cylinder. I make a circle on the face I’d like but now I want the center of the circle to be exactly 10mm from both edges of the cube… how? I can’t seem to figure out how to tell Shapr3D to do that. In SolidWorks I have “Smart Dimension”. Anything like that here?

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Oh, my!

That is so simple! Thank you very much!

I was struggling with this for a while and gave up and went back to SolidWorks.

Thank you!

@gregfridman I have the same question, but I don’t see the reply above… would you share :pray:
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@Landauliving, sorry, mate. I no longer use Shapr and completely forgot the answer… I remember something about just tapping the surface and then something pops up…

I no longer see the reply here, either. Perhaps the user deleted his or her account and with it all the posts?

Whatever the case, best of luck!

Hi - thanks for reaching out.

Here is a video showing how to go about this. I hope this is helpful :slight_smile:


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Thanks @Victor_Shapr3D. Super helpful!
Is there also a way to do that between two objects? Offset a face from another face, or an edge relative to an edge?

@gregfridman I appreciate your response even though you’re off Shapr! :beers:

Hi, a rough workaround can be to reposition the circle to the edge of the bodies and make individual cut-outs. Then join the bodies using the Union Tool.