Make a hole xx mm from the edge?

Hi, i am a newbie to this program, but i have managed to make a test box, but if i want to place a 5mm hole (the edge of the hole) 10mm from the bottom and 3mm from the right side, how do i find these points?
are there any video that shows this?

It’s a bit hard what in your mind is about your design, it’d be better if you could show a picture or schematic of your design but yes there are many useful tutorials on this topic.

I want to place holes like this, but If i could place a ruler under the part and place 0 under the edge, then i could see where to place the hole :wink:


Hey! It’s super easy! See the vid below, I’ve shown the way for 10 mm as an example for you:

Hi, thanks, but the video is 90 degrees and goes to fast. i dont get the same in menu as you.

i draw a square, then i draw a circle and change the diameter to 10mm, then i move the circle into the box, but i dont get the options to set the distance from the edge

You may want to read the “point-line distance” part here:

Let me know if this helped.

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Sorry, I was out and not available.

You should turn on options of guides panel my friend, look at below:


Set those as they’re in the pic above.

Hi -

  1. Select the center point and select the line - a dimension will pop up.
  2. Set it to your desired length.
  3. Repeat with the perpendicular side as well.

Hope it helps


Hi Daniel,

This method shown by you, is very fantastic but ruins some of the design; see below:

But not when you draw a line through the center as shown below:


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It ruins the design in that specific case you show- in general my advice is the less sketch the better modeling experience :slight_smile:

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Sure, I just wanted to recall that the design might change without user’s understanding, etc.



hmm, does this work?
i found out of it… thanks :slight_smile:

You don’t need to draw that line (just select both the center point and the line), but yes this is definitely a solution :slight_smile:

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