Offset edge only -1,2 but not more, why?

Hi why is the offset arrows getting red when trying to offset this more than -1.2 (larger)?
I have several planes with lines and it works without problems but this sketch wont. What is Shaprs problem with it?

Then there is one plane where selecting the splines will only offset a part

The upper three sketches make trouble. The lower of the three wont form an area although its not open (solved was open) and the upper two as I said will not offset without obvious reason.

My goal here is to offest the edges of all sketches 2mm and then loft them to a shieldlike cup

if I make the sketch smaller it works but why not the full sketch?

I can not solve the problem in the sketch where I mark them all but only a part gets offset.

The sketch not forming an area there was a minuscule gap. Would be nice if you could show those “loose ends better”

Hi Peter,
that is because going beyond this value will cause a selfintersecting spline that can not be calculated by the system. I suspect this point to cause that problem:

Smoothing that out should solve the issue for you.
Cheers Matt

Hi Matt, It is not self intersecting if offset? Shapr really needs to show why actions fail. I managed to solve that layer by deleting nodes.

The biggest problem is that layer where only a part gets offset. I managed that all offsets but its not saved and drawn, the line vanishes.

I mark and do the offset…

and the Enter should draw the line but what happens is:


You solved it here Matt. Made a full spline from it and now offset works fine, thanks again.

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See it that way: The Preview is only a preview, a short estimation of the outcome of an operation. Shaper can show you that estimation, but that does not say, that the operation of calculating the exact shape will be successful. If Shapr could calculate the offset, it would give you the offset at the end of the operation. That is does not is a clear sign of something fishy in your geometry.
Have you tried making an offset of the single sketch-elements seperatly?