Can’t fill in gap in generated offset edges

i’m trying to offset the edge of this sketch but keep getting the error “can’t fill in gap in generated offset edges”. not sure what i did wrong/how i can fix it.

Hi! Did you create the sketch in Shapr3d or it was imported? seems like an incomplete imported sketch

created in shapr3d

hi again

just pinging this thread cos i’m still stuck with this issue. everything was just done in shapr3d and the shape in the video was created using the project tool on the outline of a body. i still have that if it is useful.

any help is appreciated!

So in my experience with the tool, when you’re in 3D view the offset tool doesn’t always work. Don’t know why, probably just too complex a shape to compute from that view. Try double tapping the surface to bring it back to a flat plane. Then try offsetting the line you want to offset. If that doesn’t work, kill the object, offset the sketch and project it again.

thanks, i will try it!

sadly, still does not work. i’ve attached a video of me doing the project then offset. (cant do it the other way round)

any more ideas? this seems like it should be something really simple.

thanks for your help!