Can’t fill in gap in generated offset edges

i’m trying to offset the edge of this sketch but keep getting the error “can’t fill in gap in generated offset edges”. not sure what i did wrong/how i can fix it.

Hi! Did you create the sketch in Shapr3d or it was imported? seems like an incomplete imported sketch

created in shapr3d

hi again

just pinging this thread cos i’m still stuck with this issue. everything was just done in shapr3d and the shape in the video was created using the project tool on the outline of a body. i still have that if it is useful.

any help is appreciated!

So in my experience with the tool, when you’re in 3D view the offset tool doesn’t always work. Don’t know why, probably just too complex a shape to compute from that view. Try double tapping the surface to bring it back to a flat plane. Then try offsetting the line you want to offset. If that doesn’t work, kill the object, offset the sketch and project it again.

thanks, i will try it!

sadly, still does not work. i’ve attached a video of me doing the project then offset. (cant do it the other way round)

any more ideas? this seems like it should be something really simple.

thanks for your help!

Having computer problems, but have managed to view the video clip.

Please correct me as or if necessary.

It seems that you are attempting to select outer the Edges of the Object, is this the situation?

You were successful in projecting this outline and then appeared to be trying to add to or complete the Sketch manually, is this the situation?

Is this, seemingly, manual input the ‘offset’ you are referring to?

If this is not what is happening perhaps you could describe what the end result of your work would be if you are successful?

If you were attempting to select ALL the Edges of the Object have you tried multiple taps with the Pencil?

hi gelphn

yes i was selecting the outer edges of the object, but wat was not the issue, i just wanted to show how i got the projection in case i was doing it wrong. my end goal is to create a smaller offset version of this outline (or actually several smaller versions that will be used to raise/lower the edge of the main object to create a grooved track around the edge).

the offset tool does not seem to work on a group of selected edges, so instead i select those edges and project them successfully to get the sketch of the outline. i then try to offset the sketch, but get the error at the top of the screen (the title of this post).

multi-tap with the pencil on the edge of the object selects the whole body.

thanks for your help with this!

Based on:

This suggests you are trying to replicate the original object at slightly reduced size(s)?
Bear in mind this was done quickly just to present the MO, is this something like you want to create?:

Trimming the clip to size has removed 80% of the content, but it hopefully conveys one idea of gauging sizes.
This does impact all the dimensions of the scaled down objects if you have lot s of objects to produce this could be a problem.

Hi Larry - can you please share the file - would love to take a look.

thanks daniel! can i get that to you if i dont have a subscription?

I’ve just given you a day of Pro - please export it as a shapr file

thanks very much! here it is:
offset-issue.shapr (436 KB)

There is no possibility to copy a piece in a scene and paste it in another file? If i want this i have to export and import the complete file and delete all the shapes i don’t want to be imported?

Using your object this is what you could get dependent on choices made during Projection:

It is easy to remove or add lines in the derived Sketches.
In your clip it seemed that you were attempting to draw somewhere other than a surface in focus?

hi gelphyn, obtaining the projection was not the problem: getting the outline of that projection to offset was the issue.

I am not familiar with all Incidents that generate Messages giving reasons for failure, so it is not possible for me to narrow down possible causes without asking questions. Please bear with me.

In your clip you were having to make repeated attempts to select Edges, in my last ScreenShot I was attempting to illustrate the simplicity of complete or partial selection to get prompt Projections. The result of which can very easily be modified. The whole process taking less time than attempting to make individual Edge selections.
The Projected Sketches are already Offset from the Object, repeating the Projection process could further Offset the Sketches but will return a similar result.
Are you expecting to achieve something different with your additional Offset process?

Also from your clip it appeared you were attempting to Sketch a Line parallel to one of the Edges that had been Projected, is that the case?
The intended Line did not appear to be accepted, is that the problem?
The clip was not clear enough for me to ascertain exactly where you were attempting to make that Sketch, it did not appear to be on a surface in focus and displaying a grid. Was the Plane/Surface housing the Projected Sketch selected at the time of your intended additional input?

Looking at your requirement for many replications of differing sizes, are you intent on Sketching all of them individually?
Replication/Copying with some form of Modification is straightforward dependent on the modifications needed.
To enable further suggestions please can you say what you need with regard your Object modifications?
E.g., do the ‘legs’ of the Object need to be increased or decreased to differing heights in order to raise or lower the ‘main body’ that you have mentioned, or please can you give some detail of how the Object needs to be changed?
Alternatively an image of how the Object is intended to support the ‘main body’ would be helpful, i.e., a representation or indication of how the ‘main body’ will contact the Object.

the offset i am trying to achieve is on the same plane as the existing outline. imagine you are trying to make a very simple track-and-field athletics track. you might start with an oval outline and then use the offset tool to shrink that oval multiple times to create the individual running lanes. that is what i’m trying to do to my outline.

Hi there @Fco2

Welcome to the S3D Forum.
The method you are having to use is shared by everyone here, and improvements have been requested.
It may seem irksome not to be able to simply C&P from one Design to another but in fairness the time taken, to Duplicate a Design and delete the unwanted items, is very short. Selecting for Deletion is possibly best done within the Items List.
The S3D Team work through a list of priorities and updates are very frequent.
The upcoming iPadOS release is said to have improvements to Files, this may result in something many Users would like to see.
Although there are no guarantees.
Happy S3Ding :sunglasses: