Ui suggestions dimension tool

If shapr3d could show the amount of reduction as well as the remaining dimension - when sizing objects, modifications would be much easier.

The same applies for reducing inner dimensions on openings, etc. particulary if you could switch reduction/increase to be reflected, stationary left, stationary right, or move opening.

Also, if you could have your grab handles show up where ever you touch an object vs having to zoom out to grab the handles, this would be great.

Sure would make shapr3d a better design tool.


Good suggestionL




Thank you for your affirmative feedback!
Here’s an other easy feature that would surely enhance the UI

Grouping and ungrouping objects with optional layer inheritance.

This would really accelerate project/object development. The union feature is partially there. A simple icon to indicate if there are grouped items vs. all items grouped, alternatively; sub groups in sequential colors of nesting sequence would be ideal.

Grouping items to allow for movement and re positioning of assemblages. I find this functionality missing. I’ve mentioned it before. It would really enhance the creation process - particularly if groups assemblages could be imported/exported and stored externally in libraries for repurposing. my application is architectural. A great deal of potential here.