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for several weeks, I have had problems accessing the forum. I had a really hard time creating an account, and now I can’t navigate through the different forum posts, let alone participate. this morning, after new difficulties, I finally understood that the bug came from the translator. if I leave the forum in English, everything works fine. if I translate the forum into French, I can open an article, but then everything is blocked and I have to leave the forum and come back to have access to an article. Finally I’ve been annoyed for weeks just for a bug with the translator. for the rest, Shapr3D works perfectly, as always since I use it. I’m not good at English, could you look at this translator problem, maybe there are bugs with other languages? kind regards, Alain Blanck.

Hi @alainblanck , which translator are you using? What issues did you have due to the translator?

Bonjour Istvan,
J’utilise le traducteur directement accessible en haut à gauche, présenté sous la forme d’un double AA.
Normalement, le raccourci ci-dessous vous affichera une photo d’écran montrant le traducteur.


With the new version, I can’t rename the drawing files. The changes I make in the file name are not taken into account.

Access to drawing files is less intuitive than before. You have to press the “MODELING” button to access it, which I personally find snooo. The return to modeling is also less intuitive, and requires several button presses.

For the rest of the new version, I personally find that the iPad version has made a lot of concessions to Windows, which removes part of the iPad DNA, and weighs down a lot of functions.

I find the cancel functions too high at the top of the screen, it may be the habit of having had them at the bottom forever.

Otherwise, the layout of the new version is very professional. A normal adaptation time is necessary, as for any novelty.

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Thanks for the feedback! On which platform do you have a problem with renaming drawings? Could you perhaps record a short video of it?

En réalité, pour renommer les fichiers dessins, pour valider la modification du nom, il suffit d’appuyer sur la touche retour du clavier. Cette solution peut être intéressante pour d’autres utilisateurs. Encore bravo pour cette nouvelle interface.

Regarding the French translation, at home, the Forum does not work at all when I activate the translation with the “aA” tool at the top left of the screen. Previously, it worked perfectly. Is this the latest update of Shapr3D, or the latest update of APPLE on iPad? I don’t know.

Regarding the name change of the drawings, just press the return key on the keyboard to validate the change, so everything is fine.

Finally, the more I use the latest shapr3D interface, the more ergonomic and awesome I find it. We take the new usage habits very quickly, and in a short time, it will be impossible for me to go back.

Keep it up, my last impatience is to be able to classify all my projects in separate and accessible folders.

Thank you and congratulations to the whole team.

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