Parametric modeling movements, bodies merging into one while moving

Hello everyone! I’ve been playing around with the parametric modelling on the beta. Working with constrains and movements trying to simulate joints and kinetics. It’s been working great so far.
I ran into a problem thought, designing a mechanical iris, all the separate parts seem to exist while they are not touching and when they touch they automatically merge into one. I will include some screenshots and maybe even a video so it’s easier to see what’s going on.

My process on building this moving model was as follows :

  1. Sketch 1 blade and constrain it to keep its shape and have one fixes pivot point
  2. Made a circular pattern of the sketches and fixed the rotation point also in the centre
  3. I extruded the original body and then went into the history and modified the extrusion to extrude the rest of the sketches too.

It looks like i have to manually extrude all the bodies one by one to keep working like separate bodies when they come in contact.

Hope it is useful! Cheers

P.S.: I have been using shapr3D for one year and a half now and it’s the main reason I bought an iPad. I was always into 3D modeling but my computer is old and im always on the go due to my line of work. Thank you for creating such an amazing program and I am really loving the new features in the parametric modeling. You guys are the pioneers of CAD modeling on Pads!
Also really great community!

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Hi @Ion

Welcome to the forum.

When the bodies are touching each other, they are extruded as a single body, the same way you can select to adjacent shapes and they extrude as a single body.

For your design, I would try two different ways

  • extrude a single body and then use the pattern tool on this body to create the other ones
  • or do several extrusions, for instance 4 extrusions, each with one shape every four, so they will never touch each other.

Great use of the constraints by the way :grin:



Yes I already tried doing each one by one the idea of grouping so they don’t touch is a good one it saves time. Thank you

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