How to Combine bodies without Union so to keep edges


I would like to snap & lock two bodies so when i move one the other moves along with it, but i don’t want to union them because i lose the edges. see attached photo.
thank you


At the moment we don’t have a setting for that. Can you help us understand why would you like to keep that edge?

This element will be manufactured from two bodies separately and I wound to show that in the model. Also to be able to include the welding lines (via fillet/chamfer).


Then you should not union them indeed. The best solution in this case would be to add them to a folder, and just select the folder when you want to move them together.

Ok. I will use this.
Do you think in the future there would be constraints options to the 3D modeling as well, similar to the sketches?

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Yes, we will have assemblies in the future.


Can’t wait :slightly_smiling_face: