Parts of sketches not projecting correctly

See some screen shots to try an explain. I have been struggling with this drawing and could not work out why I am not getting sketches to project and why parts of my drawings are not lining up.
I have also noticed that the red dot is lags a lot and sometimes it stays on the screen, the only way I can get rid of it is to switch off the iPad, this is really frustrating, some help would be greatly appreciated.

You may have too much on that sketch. I find it causes lag when I have loads of items on one sketch.

Thank you for the input, that may help, but it is quite a small one item I am working with.
I would really like somebody to help and explain the projection issue. Why will that closed shape not project as a closed shape?
I think that there is some glitches in the projection field, as it would seem when you project onto a plane that the projected image is not always 100% on that plane.

I have come across this problem from time to time. My workaround was to hide the source sketch, select the destination sketch and locate the problem area. Here I created a dummy situation to illustrate the workaround.

Could you please create a support ticket and add the version of the app you are using and upload the Workspace you are working on?

That will help us to reproduce the issue and know what is the problem exactly.