The sketch system is driving me crazy

when you project one face of the model to a parallel plane and you will luckily get a sketch that is not closed, and you have to check the joint point one by one to find where it is not jointed and you have to zoom in on it like nanometers level to find those tiny little glitches in hundreds of points.

Hi @moto4p This looks like a bug to me. Can you please send this workspace to our team?

sorry, my project is confidential, can’t share it. And this bug appears a lot when you project something to a plane.
And one more thing. could you please add the function that allows designers to switch like from move function to scale function without reselecting everything we want to change

If you have a way to reproduce it, please let us know, we’d love to look into this issue.

Yes, this is something we plan to do.

(post deleted by author)