Why do I keep getting these?

Seems the problem being Apple. Nothing is taken out of my account. I used payment method on my Ipad out of your site.


If you have used our website, it’s not Apple. Please check the link to Manage Payment. You get this message when for some reason, your subscription cannot be renewed using the information you set when you made the purchase. When that happens, we give 2 weeks to update the Payment information, so you only loose the subscription after that.

I have used your website yes. Talked to Apple and they see that it was paid for through them but I nothing taken out of my account. Seriously.

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Apple support say that they can see that the transaction have gone through, but said that it is strange that npthing have gone through to the bank. These are their words.
How can I pay for a subscription with my bank card registered within my Apple pay if you say it is not so?

Note, that they say payment have gone through. I’m just not getting this at all.

Hi @Svenito, we will need some private data to find out how can we help you. I’d like to ask you to open a ticket in our support system and send us the last invoice or confirmation that you have received from Apple. Please also let us know the email address you have registered your Shapr3D account with. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Svenito, our team can help you with purchase related problems. On the forum we can’t, simply due to privacy and technical issues.

All right, I’ve said now what I needed to say so…

Hi @Svenito, moving the subscription topic from this thread, was this case clarified? We would be happy to find out why you are in a grace period, but I have not seen any ticket that could be connected to you.

I am in the trial period in other words out of all this. The red windows popping up has stated I did not pay for my subscription and yadiyada.

According to Apple payment will be on march 1st as it is the end of my trial period(with what you say is the start of grace period).

All is fine then, besides that annoying “no-payment” announcement that is confusing.

A ticket was opened an hour ago, that’s all from me on that end.


Windows or no windows!?? :joy: