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Hello there,

How can I send money for one year subscription of Shapr 3D app?
I received information details ( business acccount number, iban number, address, etc) in my email few weeks ago regarding the payment option.

Then the next day, I have to send money for payment tru your bank, but it was denied. After one day, I recieved phone call from the remittance center telling me that I have to go there in able to refund my money.

Purchasing tru app store doest not working here in my country and paypal as well, please advise. I need this 3D app very much. Thank you.

Hi, you can simply purchase the susbcription on ournwebsite with your credit card, under the pricing page:

Hi Istvan,

I already paid the one year subscription of Shapr 3D PRO almost one week from now but the status is still the same (free version).

The Apps I am using until now is still for the beginners. Please advise.

Thank you.

Hi, our support team has andwered you in email, did you get it?

Yes! I received message just like this:

β€”-Your request (5596) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.


Hi, we have responded to you messages severally via email, guessing that somehow it’s not arriving at your inbox. Your account license is successfully renewed from our end and since you paid via our website your subscription is not tied your apple ID. You simply need to re-login into the application via the workspace with your account userId as shown below:

Let me know if this helps.

I am currently using Shapr 3D PRO right now. Pls. See screenshot below.

Thank you very much!

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