Shapr3d has just taken money out of my account. I did not want to pay for a subscription. Could you please tell me how to get my money back.


Paul Fox

Hi Paul,

sorry to hear you don’t find the additions of the pro subscription useful enough. You can arrange the refund through Apple since they are responsible for the whole payment flow. Please see our article about what to do in this case:

Bests, Peter

G’day Peter,
I didn’t comment on the additions. There was no problem other than I was
charged for a subscription that I didn’t know that I had asked for. I am
really happy to pay for a subscription if I can use the app in my work. At
the moment I have not been able to work out how this App can be productive
in my field. I have really enjoyed seeing what others have achieved, I just
don’t know how to perform these tasks myself.


Paul Fox