Performance issue on deselect items with beta 5.70.0 (6590)

Hi Shapr3D,

I experiment very slow item deselection on the Beta 5.70.0 (6590), both on iOS (15.5, iPad Pro 10,5 inches) and MacOS 12.5, MacBook Air M1 / 16GB.
This is a regression of the 5.70.0 versus 5.60.0 (6525) which was fine on this task, with no delay.

Please, have a look at the video that shows 5 seconds lag between stylus hit to the screen and effective face deselection on my iPad. Same thing occurs on the Mac, with about half the lag time because the Mac is way more powerfull than my old iPad.

I investigated a little bit this issue and created the enclosed .shapr project.
Perf issue deselect.shapr (412.7 KB)
This project contains about 300 history entries, and repeats 8 times exactly the same steps to build Body 01 to Body 08, the first body in the history is a the bottom of the view, the last one is at the top of the view. Each body takes about 25 steps in history (not optimized, I did on purpose to create many steps to reach about 300 entries to show the issue).

Please have a look at the second video.
It shows that the further the body in the history, the longer it takes for the face to be deselected, with a linear relationship of about 1 second lag per 25 history’s entry on the iPad, leading to a 12 seconds lag to deselect the face of the last created body on top of the view.

Last but not least, the lag occurs only when you deselect the last selected item. If you select an item, then it is fast to add and remove additional items (look at the very end of the second video).

The problem induced by this deselection lag is that every action you take on Shapr3D is always of the form:
1/ select some items
2/ select the action to perform on the items
3/ Shapr3D deselect the items
4/ Shapr3D performs the action

As step 3 can takes seconds, every action become super slow as far as your history size increases.

Hope it helps investigate.

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Thank you, we are looking into this.

the release 5.570.0.6606 fix the problem on the iPad, many thanks for the reactivity! :clap:
I will test it also on the Mac when available.



Fixed also on my MacBook with 5.570.0.6606.
Thanks again.