Pie shaped wedge in sphere

I created a sphere and want to cut a pie shaped wedge through one side of the sphere such that from the side it looks like a pie with a piece missing. I do this in fusion quit easily but can’t quite get my head around doing this in shapr. Can anyone help me understand?

Do you mean this ?

Yes exactly. I tried doing it as I do in Fusion (create a sketch, make a triangle, and extrude semmetricly, set to cut and pull through both sides. I could not make it work in Shapr. I could not
figure out how to do a semmetric cut. (or a cut at all for that matter).

Thank you for your responce!

There are a couple ways to do it. Draw a circle and bisect it, revolve the half circle to the desired degree less than 360.

Or you can revolve a sphere an the like above (360 degrees) then draw the shape below and extrude (cut) through the sphere. E.G you only want a small slice taken out not quite through the center or some other odd shape like an irregular triangle.

Draw half circle and revolve at a certain degree.