Possible to "bend" a body over a half sphere shape?

Hi everyone, my name is Rob and I am quickly learning everything I can about Shapr3D and hoping to laser print some metal objects shortly. I’m also brand new to the forum, so thanks in advance for any help.

I am wondering if there are any tricks to bend the below body into a half sphere shape. The screenshot will show you more. Which tools should I use?

I of course can project the 2D drawing onto the the sphere shape on the bottom of the image, however I need the thickness of the part to be all uniform across the sphere and for the edges of the cuts to directed to the direct center of the sphere.

The idea to manufacture this piece would be to either A) precision cut the shape onto a flat 1mm thick piece of metal and then bend to a sphere shape, or precision cut the shape directly onto a spherical piece of metal.

Thank you!

Send me your Laser printer and I will be able to help you better. :thinking:

PM me and I will send my address for shipment.

After you have sent me your printer I would tell you that while I see what I think it is you want. You are not wanting what it is I think you are seeing. :crazy_face:

In simpler terms your projection is from the wrong direction. Maybe?

The question is are we talking about 1 body, a sphere with a relief of your pattern shown above? Yes I suspect it is so.

You will need 4 spheres of equal size and one smaller. Using subtract and union methods you should be able to do this quite easily.

Projecting it won’t work necessarily.

Imagine the sphere shape is not there, I only included it for a reference.

I would like to have the top shape formed into a sphere.

Projecting the image from one angle will not be sufficient in this case.

If you created each of the ribs individually and angled each towards the center and used the sphere to create the thickness of the metal by using the shell tool, like I did in the screen shots

This way the thickness of the metal would stay the same thur out the circumference of the sphere .

Once you have created one corner the way you want it then duplicate the ribs 3 times and knock them out.

Hey thanks for going to the trouble of trying it out. I thought of this, but the problem is that I will need different patterns displayed on the sphere, ones that are not symmetrical.

I’m really hoping there is a way for me to just “wrap” the body around a shape…

Thanks again Past1320


I used Revolve almost exclusively.


Elegant solution TigerMike!


Tommy ( from snowy WY ) 46 U

Thank you everyone! I was able to complete this design along with some other complex ones using the Intersect tool. I was even able to do it one less step than what Robert showed.

When using the intersect tool, a new body is created. That body was the exact piece that I needed.


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