Pillar with aslant top

Hello i want to make a straight pillar with a aslant part to hold a waterslide, i imported something similar, but can’t work on it, so i have to create my own.

As I said the pillar should be straight and the part on the top, which actually holds the slide, should be aslant. Do you have any idea on how to create something like this?

I will send a picture with it, the pillar in the back is what I want, the pillar in the front is what i built myself.

Im glad for anyone helping me!

Create the slide first. Then Subtract for the pillar.


@AST Methinks you can do about everything -especially complex shapes- with Booleans (union, new body, subtract, etc). Give it a go and let us know !

Also (though I assume you know it well already, but it’s never enough told and told again), start with really great sketches. It helps a lot over long haul.