Help with a woodwork project

Hi guys , it’s my first time on a forum ,and hoping you guys can help me.

I’m loving Shapr3D but I am a little unsure of what way I should be approaching this design. Im sure im probably missing something simple, so I thought ld ask the experts .

Im trying to design a swing to build for my daughter and thought rather than lying materials on the ground and marking everything out on the ground. I said no I will draw it out to perfection and cut all pieces according to the drawing !

So I have attached the drawing to show , we’re I need to clean up . I’m hoping from the drawing you can see , I want to clean up the extrusions to the off set lines . And because the A Frames are 5degrees , I’d like to extrude the feet to be 5 degrees only on the outer edges to rest on the ground .

I was hoping to build the project today and ran into these difficulties last night.

I’m not sure if anyone would have the time to draw a quick mock up from the beginning , mainly to see how others approach the drawing. Do you use construction planes at 5 degrees, draw the feet already at 5degrees in 2d mode etc ?
In the second drawing you can see the joints better.
Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks