How to make a curved water slide

First of all, sorry for my English, I will try my best.

I am planning to make a water slide starting from 10 meters going down in a spiral.
When I sketch a spiral at XY-Ground out of many half circles i get a good spiral just as i want it, but it is not connected. Then a create a vertical circle, sweep the whole thing and try to lift one end up, but only one half circle works, the other ones don’t move. I would like to connect all the halfcircles, as if it was painted in one move.

There is also a YouTube video about it, i do the exact same thing, but it doesn’t work…

Some Photos for Reference:

The Video on YouTube also contains comments with people having the same problem as me:

Thanks for upcoming help!

Did you accidentally cut the spiral into separate bodies?

I don’t know, and even if i don’t know how to fix it, im trying to fix it but can’t find a possibility.

Here’s a way to make a slide using Revolve.

I found out about this, but unfortunately it doesn’t get smaller like a cone. I really have no idea how to continue, do you know if there is a way to contact shaper 3d?