Please help reproduce this

I’m a newbie of shapr3d, usually I use fusion 360.
Now I need to reproduce this: it’s a pear base with decentered cone.
The problem is to reproduce the pear shape.
Tried the eclipse, tried the circle with eclipse outside, but nothing.
Does anyone can help me?!
Thanks a lot

Take a look at 1 minute in the video


Thank you :pray:
But the shape is circular, i need to create one like pear…

From the uploaded image I can not really picture what the pear-shaped base looks like - can you try using extrude as shown in the video below and then try out different draft angles to get the shape you want. Since it’s base you might need to push downwards on the closed sketch. Let me know if this helps.


Like that?


Made a video on how to create the “pear shape” and how you can move the circular edge on top. Hope this helps:


Thanks a lot for all replays and the help :pray:
I have to reproduce this piece

It’s the dock for the antenna in the roof of the car

:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed: can’t find a way to do it

Arrived at this point, but I don’t know how to remove the square parts that came out from the cylinder…

Decrease the height of your box to not intersect with the cylinder and then choose the top face of the box and replace that face with the inner face of the cylinder.

But if I decrease the inside box, then the walls don’t touch the cylinder…

Use the Replace face command to align the rectangle perfectly to the inside of the cone (after the command you can Union them if you want)

Here is a coarse video on how to do it:

Here is the support article for Replace Face:

That’s why I’m saying to use replace face afterwards…

Did it, thank you! :pray: