Improve learning / tutorials / seminars in-app?

I’ve been using shapr3D for a few months as a beginner with little cad or 3d modeling experience. I found the the initial tutorial pop ups very helpful while finding my way around the app.

Now I’d like to move onto more advanced tutorials. However, you can’t open these tutorials in a window in the app like before.

Going back and forth to youtube doesn’t work well, and having to have a second device to display the tutorial is a pain as well. Could we have a library of tutorials, from beginner to advanced, that we can open in-app?

I feel like this would be valuable to folks like myself that want to learn modeling and design.

Great point - eventually we will have a solution for this.

Until then, you can use the multitasking feature on iOS to put two apps next to each other:

Hope this helps

Whoa! I did not know about this splitting the screen! Way cool! Thank you for sharing this gem!

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yup that sort of works, but makes using shapr more difficult with the lack of screen real estate. Cant wait till this gets implemented