Point along height


I try to up the center part to 660 in height, but I cant.
The point move only on x, z.
Do you have any idea ?



There is no “3D sketching” in Shapr3D, all sketches are on their respective planar plains.

Thanks you, so I have to work each piece independently. And make a mirror.
Have a nice day

Depends on what exactly are you trying to achieve. If my guess is correct, you want a shape something similar:

(I just put it together in a few seconds as an example)

If this is the case, you can try extrusion and draft angle.
Another approach would be to extrude the shape straight, then start cutting it with sketches created on construction planes.
You can also try creating one other body which you will rotate and cut the original with.

There are lots of options, the trick is usually finding the best way to the specific shape.

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You could try extruding the whole shape upwards to your desired height. Then select the top and scale it down as far as it will go?

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