Pond design

Hi All, I’ve just started using Shapr3d never used a graphics software before. Trying to help my garden design business with 3d imagery. This is one I’ve just finished
My creation

The pond in real life we’ve constructed about 80% completed


You can also add the water in Shapr3D…

Nice job! If you feel ambitious, you can round the corners of the brick edges, using fillets. You would do one first, then use the pattern command. Repeat the pattern for each offset on the wall. Then use Visualize, and color the bricks with a flat reddish color. You’ve done tremendous work with an early start!

Thanks for the advice and feedback, they were supposed to be varied height slate tiles but I will keep up the practice I’m trying to keep the models one solid colour so all my designs are distinctive to my brand but I will keep that in mind just in case clients want it to see more realistic colour thanks

Thanks I couldn’t figure that bit out might have to do some research for that thanks

You can still do the varied height with the pattern. Just create 3, 4, or 5 planes, and replicate the bricks that way. Keep up the great work!

I like it, well done. It amazes me how diverse and seemingly endless uses we all put Shapr3D to. I wonder if the Shapr team imagined it would be used by people in so many ways in both professional and hobby areas.

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To be honest, never. I’m still amazed every day. From the “look what I 3D printed” to the “we are literally changing the world” kind of stuff, everything. So exciting to see.


It’s great, got everything I need all on my iPad which still amazes me. Can’t wait to learn more and see where it takes me