Pool skimmer basket

A pool skimmer basket to replace my broken one. I can now 3D print the replacement.
The original design had 1mm holes around the base and side. But I ran out of memory about 1/2 way around…so a redesign, more in keeping with the original… the top section is detachable and designed to have the basket fit into it. The top is the most common breakage point, so now I can just replace the parts as required…55DC28B2-DC61-48AA-AD25-1A778672BC9D9F72DD09-5D22-4A6F-B0D1-066882497C5366CAF5C0-E90A-4B3D-B2BA-2298AE87AD33


Nice! How much memory do you have on your iPad?



4gb I think. But about 1/2 seems to be used by other things. But storage is 256gb version. Have attached the Shapr file that I couldn’t progress.

Memory shouldn’t be an issue, restarting your iPad should help.