Share my experience with Shapr3D

Through my experience with Shapr3D, I designed several models and then decided to print this design, which is a cigarette holder. After several attempts, I encountered a problem that the photon mono x 6k device does not make the clipboard completely, as it performs the command 50% /4 through a file ( stl) and (3mf) and I shared the problem here and found that everyone wanted help as well as the support team. I thank everyone who helped me very much. I tried the (obj) file and indeed the process was successful, but with the defects that the design became smaller than required and there are also scratches, I think Because of the 3D printer program, because after I uploaded the file, the design appeared in a size of 2 mm and then I pressed on Fit Maxim and it became like this and it is good, but as I mentioned earlier there are defects and I also made a mistake in choosing this design as a start, I must choose a small design to save on resin and also not Wasting time, and currently I will try several files until I find the right file and I will show you the results in the future. I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Faisal from Kuwait, and my first experience with Shapr3D and 3D printer, and I also want to comment on Shapr3D It is a very excellent and very easy program and its capabilities are very high, but it is missing some simple things, and I am sure the work team is developing it for the better. Thank you very much once again to the support team and everyone who helped me here, and I wish you and me success.


Great job, well done!

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Thank you so much .